I'm a Manager without a Lunch Date

Were you recently promoted or made a manager? Is there a divide between you and your team or employees? Is your department as productive and happy as they could be? In this workshop we will help high level executives with ways to be more engaged and relatable. We will also discuss internal networking, affinity networking and tips for using work related travel, seminars and conferences to maximize networking opportunities and become a better leader.

Below are Jennifer’s signature workshops. Feel free to contact Jennifer to discuss your needs and she can tailor a workshop or training that is right for you!

Stop Giving Out Cards & Build A Network

How is Your ROI for your networking efforts? In this workshop attendees will learn how preparation and authenticity can build a stronger network with less time and money then they are currently devoting to networking. We will cover how to prepare for networking events, how to master your 30 second pitch, what to discuss at events, networking follow up and improving your mindset and confidence to ensure you are memorable.

This workshop can also include skits that incorporate volunteers from the audience to showcase examples of bad networking and being memorable for the wrong reasons.

Network Like a Rockstar from your Office Chair

Are you on Social Media? Of course you are! Are you utilizing it to build community and engagement? Are you being of service and offering value? Are you incorporating fun? Are you being “Social?” In this workshop we will cover how to build your personal brand though social media and how your workplace or company can stand out through online networking efforts.

  • Jennifer is full of great information about networking and how to make it work for you. Jennifer is personable and approachable, and I came away from her presentation with many suggestions that I was able to implement immediately. Following Jennifer’s networking strategies have made a positive impact on my business.

    -Crystal Paschal
  • “Jennifer is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. She has much to offer and does it in a way that communicates her expertise and provides valuable content, but also empowers and energizes the audience. She is quick to share what she has learned from her own experience, and is always respectful of the listeners. Having heard her speak several times to groups of varying sizes, I would highly recommend her for either a speech or workshop format“

    -Stephanie McCullough Sofia Financial
  • “Jennifer gave an informed presentation for the Center City Proprietors Association to a sold-out audience. She offered practical tips that were easy to implement. I know she worked for years in a corporate environment, but her philosophy is to encourage people to form genuine relationships and be themselves. It was great. I would highly recommend having Jennifer come in to speak to another group or business. People left with great information regardless of their industry or seniority. There was something for everyone.”

    -Ben Frank, Executive Director Center City Proprietors Association
  • “Jennifer is a true expert on how to build a LASTING business through your network. Her approach is about building lasting relationships based on authentic connection. There are no “sales-y” tactics, and there is no need for you to act like someone you’re not under Jennifer’s system. If you or your company needs to learn the art of growing your network, I recommend consulting with Jennifer”

    -Ann Jenrette-Thomas, ESQ